Brigitte Raoult led a brilliant career in business, in marketing, public relations and communications.

She began her artistic journey with sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Watermael-Boitsfort. Working on the volume, testing all kind of materials inspired her and she decided to pursue this path  with the body complicity. She recently graduated in Contemporary Jewelry and Injected Cast Iron, at the Institut de la Parure et de La Bijouterie in Brussels. The Flemish Academy RHOK and numerous internships complement her training.

Through her work, she questions the failings of our society : the impoverishment of our relationship with nature ; the waste ; unequal access to education ; the burden of frenetic search for performance. Her creations, organically born, revive the memory of a plant and animal universe, with a drop of poetry.

“I love to explore novel styles from unusual materials, disobeying the classic rules. And when I see the surprise and curiosity in the eyes of someone watching my jewelry, I am really delighted. “

For several years, Brigitte Raoult has devoted herself exclusively to the contemporary jewelry design.

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