A wave is already the ocean

The seventh continent is plastic

The world’s largest waste dumpsites are far from our eyes, thousands of kilometers away from Europe. They are called the seventh continent because these polluted areas are as large as a continent. They are essentially composed of plastic waste and micro-particles. Consequences are harmful for the marine biosphere.

Animals as first victims

The first and most direct effect of this pollution is the entrapment of animals in drift nets or large debris. It is a major cause of death of marine mammals, turtles and birds.
A second direct effect is ingestion. It is now accepted that this concerns the entire food chain of the marine ecosystem.

Raising awareness and promoting sustainable solutions – such as water treatment and innovation to drive the development of biodegradable plastics and waste management are a priority to make the sea pure and clean again.

In my pieces developed for the exhibition “A Wave is already the Ocean” I tried to attract public attention to the waste of plastic by turning plastic bottles into a colourful necklace where birds lost their feathers.

I think that everyone is concerned about a healthier world and every little effort is a responsible step towards that goal.

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